Nipkow disc television machine for 30 lines (1930 vintage replica).
Made by Roger DUPOUY. Sold in March 2011.

Nipkow scanning disc 410 millimètres in diameter. One spiral of 30 holes; 1 millimeter in diameter.
Lighting source: Raytheon neon lamp.
Scanning disc driven by synchronous motor.
frame frequency: 12.5 images/sec. disc speed: 750 rpm.
Image ratio: 4/3. Sweeping from left to right, top to bottom.

Build partly with 1930 vintage components, this machine shows reddish coloured pictures

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front view.

Top view

Back view featuring the 3 tubes video amplifier.

Close-up of the tubes.
From left to right: PX4(Gecovalve), RS4324(Visseaux), E424(Philips).

Video clip of the machine in operation.

Another clip of the machine in darkness and the tiny orange light coming from the neon lamp.

Photos of the neon lamp receiving the video modulation.

Vintage 1930 french radio receivers by G.M.R. (models Titan and Orphée).

Receivers of this type might have been used for reception of early television programs as well as for radio broadcast.